GSTIN is an abbreviation for Goods and Service Tax Identification Number. It consists of 15 alphanumeric digits. This is generated by the government after you have successfully completed GST registration.

First 2 digit show state code

Next 10 digit indicates PAN Number

Next 1 shows serial number of gst registration in a state.

Last 2 digits are random

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Process of GST Registration

Provide the required business details and information to our web portal.
Choose a package and pay online with different payment modes available.
On placing an order, your application will be assigned to one of our dedicated professionals.
Our professional shall carefully examine the correctness & accuracy of the documents and file GST application form.
Our professional shall make regular follow up with government department for processing of GST application online.
On obtaining GSTIN, we will provide GST certificate along with several eGuides on GST and GST Invoicing Software.

Documents Required for GST Registration

Our Packages


INR 1,499/-
  • GST Registration
  • Business Current A/c


INR 9,999/-
  • GST Registration
  • Business Current A/c
  • 6 Month GST Return Filing
  • GST Starter Guide
  • GST Invoice Guide
  • GST Invoice Template
  • Guidance on HSN/SAC Code
  • GST Tax Rate List
  • GST E-Waybill Guide
  • GST Billing Software for 1 year subscription* [Desktop]
  • 1 year GST Return Filing

Frequently Asked Questions

GST stands for goods and service tax. it is an indirect tax which has to be collected from customers when you sell your goods or services and required to be submitted to the government