How can copyright registration protect my work?

Registered copyright work is an intangible asset and also an intellectual property. By copyrighting the artistic work, you will protect it from infringement and unauthorized reproduction by others. Further, you can securely allow others to use your work on franchise or royalty basis on your own terms and conditions. In fact, you can sell your work to others at a handsome price.

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Process of Registration

Upload the Required Documents & Information to our web portal.
Choose Package and Pay online with different payments modes available
Our professional will prepare and compile copyright application.
Obtain signature of an author on relevant documents.
File duly signed application and 2 set of compact disk with the copyright office.
Provide you acknowledgment of copyright application.

Documents Required for Copyright Registration

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Frequently Asked Questions

Copyright registration is an intellectual property right just like a trademark and patent. It is basically a legal right which is provided to the creators for their unique work.
Copyright falls under the auspices of intellectual property law and protects the rights of creators of original works of authorship whether the work in question is published or not.
Original works of authorship include literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and photography.

Copyright registration to secure your original work from theft or undue advantage. Having copyright your original work give evidence that this particular work belongs to you only.